My experience with the WSET


Let me tell you why I chose the Wine and Spirit Education Trust program.

There are many reasons that lead to undertake a study path in the world of wine, and even the range of courses is quite wide, for those who are informed.
In my city, Palermo, the main is certainly the AIS Italian Sommelier Association: most of the people who approach wine, when they decide to do it more or less seriously and, therefore, to really want to understand something, choose Ais. Hats off of course! It’s a beautiful and complete course.

As far as I’m concerned, finding the right path for me actually took some time. After several months of work in the cellar, I really felt the need to tidy up all the words and concepts that I was acquiring, but that spun messily around my brain. So I had to choose a path that would teach me a tasting method, help me create a mental structure in which to insert all the notions I learned and from which I could start to deepen my knowledge as I did so. And, above all, I wanted to discover the wine world in its entirety: I wanted to know what they drank in Argentina, South Africa, but also in Europe or Australia. Furthermore, sharing my experiences of the wine world on Instagram and doing it in English, it seemed natural to me to choose a path in this language.

After much searching, I run into the WSET and I can say that it was love at first sight. The other routes are all valid and interesting, but this is certainly the most suitable for me, my style and my way of seeing.
I will try to be brief, although there would be a lot to say.
To start I decide to enroll in the WSET first level. It seems obvious but actually it’s not, because, since there is no obligation, many prefer to start the program from the second level.
But I never choose the easiest roads and, in fact, I decide to go to Verona to do the course with the School.


In short, beautiful Verona. The first level opens up a world for me: because this program, now an international standard in education on wines and spirits, has a very different approach from the other study paths. It uses a unique language, very direct and looks at wines from all over the world, not only in Italy.
The WSET is based on the systematic approach to tasting – SAT®, one of a kind!
Imagine taking part in a tasting in another part of the world, and with winelovers that speak another language … it’s absolutely not easy to use unique technical terms and fully understand each other, both talking about wines that are known and wines of which you have never heard of it!
Knowing the SAT, and thanks to the WSET program, communication and sharing of ideas during a tasting will be much more natural and effective.
It’s a path that allows you to understand how and what they drink in other parts of the world; this can foster telling the story of a wine, whether it’s your own wine or the wines from your own region (as in my case) or, more simply, a wine whose peculiarities you want to share.

All this led me to realize the WSET courses in my city. They had to be there.
Later, last November, I got the WSET 2 level Award in Wine & Spirit; now I’m already studying for the third, and I can assure you that the path becomes more and more interesting and in-depth.


If you are also a WSET addicted and you’re looking for a tasting companion, count on me! The comparison is always beautiful and stimulating.

If, on the other hand, you plan to take this path and have questions or doubts, write to me. I’ll be happy to answer you!

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