Welcome to the blog that tells the story of a Sicilian girl in the worderland of wine.

I’m Veronica, harvested and fermented in Sicily in the 1990 vintage.
From that moment began my journey of ageing and discovery in the Mediterranean island of Prickly pears and Oranges, Pasta alla Norma and Cassata, Nero d’Avola and Catarratto, Nerello Mascalese and Carricante … and not only! The travels are an essential part of the ageing process too.

I love Sicily and I love wine, a wonderful nectar able to tell it.
So much beauty can only be shared!
I discovered wine only a few years ago and it wasn’t actually love at first sight.
I have knew the world of wine from the inside, I lived for a while the cellar life and then love blossomed! And I imagine wine is addictive, because I never tire of traveling through a glass.

Every wine tells a story of people and territories, tells a piece of the world. And so through the wine one explores, discovers and knows the world.

Today I’m in the world of wine by choice, thanks to so much constant commitment, determination and perseverance: it’s my hobby, my passion, my work.
And I would talk about wine for hours … .. There is so much to discover and so much more to tell that I started sharing my “journey” on IG @sicilianwinegirl and from there I decided to open this blog, through which I’ll share my adventures.

By “adventure” I mean an exploration journey, thanks to the tasting of wines from all over the world (with particular attention to Sicilian ones, of course), visits to the winery and meetings with producers, stories and emotions, food-wine pairings, places where to have an experience like a true winelover&foodie and all about wine capable of making my eyes shine.

P.S. My wine studies? They will never end!
Tastings and experiences are never enough. The studies with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust contributed to make order and defining a structure. Currently I have achieved the I and II level WSET award in Wine & Spirits (with Distinction) and I’m studying for the third.