The Etna Wine Guide is out!

The island in the island, the Burgundy of Sicily, the Etna of wine is called in so many ways. For me it’s a magical place, a mosaic of terroir, on the left side of Sicily, where its heart beats.

I don’t know what it is, if the sparkling air you breathe there, the people and their deep connection with the territory, the typical terracing of lava stone, the thousand colours flora on the black background of the sciare – memory of the many eruptions – the centuries-old vines, the unique microclimates in each contrada (districts), the Nerello Mascalese, the Carricante, the Nerello Cappuccio or the Vulcano and its roar. Perhaps it is all this together that makes Etna so fascinating.

This year I had the privilege of collaborating in writing of the most complete publication in the world dedicated to the wines of the volcano. I’m talking about the Etna Wine Guide 2019/2020, published by Cronache di Gusto, in two languages (Italian – English), and now in its fourth edition.


This is the edition with the blue cover, which collects valuable information, photographing the state of the artfor the years 2019/2020 – of 105 wineries, the wines produced and the latest vintages on the market. But not only, there are the must-have wines, a selection of 27 of the best expressions of the Etna terroir. And more information on the territory and on the performance of the last vintages.

It is a perfect and wise travel companion, both for those visiting Etna and for those who want to travel through the glass and learn about the wineries that liven up the volcano. Although the heart of the guide is wine, there is a part dedicated to wine&food tourist: from restaurants to wine bars, from hotels to agritourism, and even the shops where you can make the best food and wine purchases and more.

A journey – the one to write the guide – extraordinary, of personal and professional growth. A path of a worthy exchange of views both with colleagues – during the tasting of about 400 wines – and with the producers above all. A path marked by the awareness that we are approaching a territory still to be deeply discovered, which continues to surprise.

The Etna Wine Guide 19/20, in an extensive and in-depth version, is a must-have for all winelovers!

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